Saturday, February 9, 2013

A sample daily menu

Here's everything I've eaten today:

10:00 am - 22 oz smoothie (recipe below).
3:00 pm - 6 oz of grilled chicken breast* and 3 oz/85 g of romaine.
6:30 pm - 22 oz smoothie.
7:00 pm - 6 oz of grilled chicken breast* and 3 oz/85 g of romaine.
7:30 pm - 1 orange
10:00 pm - Large handful of pecans.
*Chicken weight is prior to cooking.

All my ingredients are organic or grass-fed whenever possible.

This menu is pretty typical of how I've been eating for the last 9 days, except I usually eat fish instead of chicken, and I usually eat spinach instead of romaine. One night I weighed my large plateful of raw spinach, and it was about 4 oz.

I'm probably not getting the full 3 cups of color foods or sulfur foods, but I'm definitely getting well over 3 cups of green food, as well as plenty of meat. Since I make a smoothie twice every day, I'd say I'm almost surely getting over a cup of both strawberries and blueberries. Which means if the orange counts as a color food, then I think it's safe to say I'm getting the full "3 cups" of color foods. (Update: Accocrding to page 8 of Minding My Mitochondria, oranges are a color food.)

I'm not sure if kale is considered a green food or a sulfur food. If it's considered a sulfur food, then I'd say I'm getting the full 3 cups of sulfur food each day. But even though I know it does contain sulfur, I think it fits more into the green food category. Hope I'm wrong.

Aside from the smoothies, I only drink water. Here are the ingredients I use for smoothies, including the ingredient weights in both ounces and grams:

4.3 oz/120 g BANANA (1 banana)
4.0 oz/112 g STRAWBERRIES (6 strawberries)
3.5 oz/100 g BLUEBERRIES (a couple handfuls)
1.0 oz/27 g of COCONUT OIL (heaping tablespoon)
2.5 oz/70 g KALE (large handful)
0.3 oz/8 g FLAX SEEDS (a couple teaspoons)
3.3 oz/94 g COCONUT WATER
2.0 oz/56 g MUSHROOMS (probably 2/3 of a cup)
2.0 oz/56 g CARROTS
1 clove GARLIC
A cup or two of ICE

Water can be substituted for coconut water. I use coconut water mostly just to aid the blender, but also to liquify the smoothie a little so it will be more drinkable.

I don't actually weigh many of the ingredients when I make smoothies. I just weighed most of them today so I could share the exact ingredient weights of a smoothie that's very representative of the smoothies I make twice every day. I do always weigh the mushrooms, though, because I don't like mushrooms and 2 oz is about all I can handle in each smoothie.

The smoothie is really good if you leave out the garlic and mushrooms, but it's still not bad even if you include the garlic and mushrooms. The reason I include those two ingredients (particularly mushrooms) is because it makes it easier for me to consume more sulfur foods than I would otherwise eat. Aside from garlic, there are not really any sulfur foods I'm willing to eat in a more normal way. I've never been willing to eat mushrooms at all until the last week, nor have I ever been willing to eat most of the other sulfur foods. Hopefully I'll get more used to those kinds of food as I continue this diet.

I also take some supplements every day:

8,000 I.U. Vitamin D3
100 mg Ubiquinol softgel
1 Schiff MegaRed Krill oil softgel
2,000 mg Cinnamon capsules


  1. Hi Ryan, I discovered your blog after doing some searches about the Wahls diet. My dad has MS and is gearing up to do it. Your experiences/thoughts have been helpful. Thanks!

    1. Well thank you. I haven't had much to say in a while, and I haven't been fully on the diet for a long time, either. I'm working on getting back on the diet fully, though, and I want your dad to know that everything gets so much better when you really dedicate yourself to this diet like I did for five months last year. Once you get started doing it right, good things happen, then more good things happen. It snowballs, and things are just better, even though I can't say there was any clear reversal of MS for me during the time I was eating this way.

      As someone who has always been a very picky eater, these twice-daily smoothies really helped me put the right kinds of food in me. And with all the good things that happened to me while I was following this diet last year, I think most of it resulted from making a real effort to consume two of these smoothies every day. Hope that helps.