Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to get serious again

After an attempt to get back on an anti-Candida diet a couple months ago, my motivation kind of fizzled out pretty quickly. Well, that and a new passion for pizza took me over. So for the last couple months, I've kind of hovered on the fine line between misery and contentedness (if that's a word).

I believe I mentioned in the previous post that I've had a lot of numbness in my hands and feet ever since I finished the coast-to-coast walk in September 2010. With this numbness getting worse lately, and with people telling me my feet look unhealthy, I became a little worried that it might become a very serious issue if I don't start trying to take care of the problem, which I suspect is Candida-related. So I decided Monday that it was crucial for me to get serious about eating better and taking the right supplements (raw garlic, ACV, coconut oil) a couple times a day. In conjunction with these standard components of Candida warfare, I've also begun a new kind of therapy, which I'm not going to discuss until I feel pretty confident that it's helping.

Anyway, I read a post on less than an hour ago, in which someone said she successfully ridded herself of warts with this type of therapy. As her post reminded me of a couple wartlike blemishes I've had on my arm for years, I quickly looked at my arm to see if they've changed or disappeared. And yes, they are pretty much gone. I have no idea if they were there a week ago, but they're mostly gone right now. I was surprised because, as I said, these blemishes have been on my arm for many years.

I think this new therapy is probably helping a lot, but I want to give it some time before I say anything more about it. My numbness seems to have decreased quite a bit in the last five days, and my mom says my feet look a lot better already. This leads me to hope I'll be able to come back here in another week and tell you I feel really good.

If you're interested, here's a couple pics of pizzas I've made recently. Oh how I love pizza.

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