Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've been taking acidophilus for maybe the last 5 or 6 weeks, without doing anything else that would be considered part of an anti-Candida diet. In fact, my diet has been the total opposite of an anti-Candida diet because I've been eating pizza almost exclusively. I usually don't eat all day, then I make a 10" pizza sometime in the evening because I'm freaking obsessed with teaching myself how to make the best pizza on the planet.

Despite this very high-carb diet, I feel better than I've felt since about September 2010.

Aside from taking the acidophilus tablets 1 to 2 times a day, keeping myself hydrated is the only other thing I've done that remotely resembles any component of an anti-Candida diet. And I really haven't even been very good about that. I've averaged probably a little less than half a gallon of water per day. I consider a gallon of water an ideal daily goal, but I haven't come close to hitting that goal in a long time.

So is the acidophilus responsible for my better health of late? I don't know, but it sure seems that way.

All I know is that I got a pizza jones several weeks ago, so I mixed up some dough and ate me some pizza. I figured my body would put up with it for a few days, then I'd start getting headaches, sinus issues, and jaw pain. But it hasn't happened. There has been a little stomach gurgling at times, but it hasn't been too bad. This really shocks me because I wasn't in really good condition even when I started making pizza every day. I felt OK but always vulnerable.

One other thing I started doing several weeks ago is something similar to oil pulling, but with hydrogen peroxide. I don't even know what made me start doing this. I think it was the always-present sore (abscess?) in my mouth, on the inside of my gums, below my bottom front teeth. This sore was getting real bad before I started using hydrogen peroxide, but now it feels like it might fully disappear soon. Even though it almost disappeared a couple years ago, when I did a die-hard anti-Candida diet, I can't remember not having this sore in my mouth. I don't know if my hydrogen peroxide treatment has contributed to my good overall health of late, but it has clearly improved my oral health, and I recommend giving it a try. It'll leave a bit of a funny taste in your mouth for at least a few days, but that goes away. Even with the weird taste, my mouth has felt a million times cleaner and healthier than before I started doing this.

I don't claim to be a Candida expert. The more I think I learn, the less I feel like I know. But I try to help however I can, and this post may be one of my most helpful posts, even though it's based on almost nothing real. Hope it helps. Good luck, y'all.

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