Friday, February 8, 2013

A pain in the butt

Last night I began feeling an unusual sensation, but I didn't think it was worthy of sharing on the blog. Having slept on it, I've changed my mind.

Yesterday or last night I started noticing muscle pain in my buttocks, which I still feel. This isn't the nagging, dull pain I had already been feeling almost constantly in my upper legs, hips, and lower back for who knows how long. Rather, this is the kind of pain you feel when you carry a 60-pound backpack 20 or 30 miles in one day. This is the feeling of sore muscles, which I haven't felt in a long time because I just haven't had the energy or coordination to use any of my muscles enough to make them sore. The location of this pain is in either the piriformis muscles or muscles near the piriformis muscles, and it's on both sides. (If that wasn't clear, the soreness is in what seems to be the muscles that help me stand up, since it's most noticeable when I get up off the couch.)

I can't say I have felt this type of pain in at least a year and a half. I suspect this is at least partly because when my brain sends messages to these muscles to do their job, the messages never arrive, which means I never really use the muscles.

So what does this soreness really mean?

I think it means messages from my brain are making it all the way to the muscles in my buttocks when I stand up and walk. If so, then I think it means this diet is already doing something other than helping me think clearer. I can't say my ability to walk has improved at all since I began the diet, but maybe it's about to. Hope so.

Also, the nagging pain in my upper legs, hips, and lower back seems to have disappeared the last few days. I don't know if this is a result of the diet, but it's at least worth mentioning.

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