Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minor setbacks

Friday night (four nights ago), after not eating all day, I ate a beef brisket sandwich at a Columbus Clippers baseball game. To stick as closely as possible to my anti-Candida diet, I could have eaten the meat without the bun, but I chose to eat my sandwich the way it was delivered to me (with only meat and bread). I felt a little foggy later on, and I also experienced a little head pain, but this was nothing like the pain and "brain fog" I experienced before I began the anti-Candida diet.

The following day I also ate a slice of pizza--1/8 of a 13" pepperoni pizza--to which I also had a minor adverse reaction. One clear effect is that my head was even more foggy Saturday than it was Friday, along with more minor head pain. This time, though, I also felt a little pain in my jaw whenever I opened my mouth wide, which is one of the many symptoms that made me miserable until recently. This wasn't so bad, though.

Then yesterday as I drove into town to buy some anti-Candida products, I stopped to offer a ride to a guy I saw walking out into the middle of nowhere. I expected to be home within two hours of leaving, but I ended up driving this guy around for two hours. Consequently, I was hungry before I even started my chores, so I stopped to get something to eat at Sonic. I ordered a double cheeseburger combo with a "Route 44" Dr. Pepper (44 ounces), which I knew might cause a Candida feeding frenzy within me.

Strangely I didn't feel much of a reaction to the poor meal choice. As I walked around the grocery store later on, I felt a little dizzy and fuzzy in the head, but I didn't feel any head pain or worsening of any other symptoms. About 20 hours later, I still haven't felt any kind of major effects. Maybe I'm just lucky.

Even though I haven't felt any signs of regression, I'm sure my unauthorized meal yesterday has slowed my progress, particularly the huge Dr. Pepper. If you are on the anti-Candida diet (or if you are thinking about beginning the diet), I do not recommend straying from the diet like this. Maybe you can do it once a week after you begin feeling better, just for a treat to keep you sane, but probably not any more frequent than that. And leave the Dr. Pepper behind. Order water instead.

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