Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Candida spit test

OK, so this acne-related web site disputes the validity of Candida spit test results (scroll to the bottom of that page for spit test info), saying almost everyone 'fails' the spit test and that all the web sites with spit test directions are trying to sell you something. In their argument against the spit test, this web site begins its case by stating, "First, nobody explains how the spit test diagnoses Candida."

But I've looked at a lot of web pages about Candida, and most of them are not trying to sell me anything. (Or maybe I just instantly hit the back button every time I realize I'm on a web site that is trying to sell me something.) Anyway, I have learned enough to know that I have no reason to buy anything from any web site for Candida treatment. (Threelac comes to mind.) Mostly my treatment involves some things that cost nothing, and other things that are just a normal part of a grocery shopping list. ACV, coconut oil, garlic, and good foods.

Furthermore, I have read explanations for why the spit test is a pretty good indicator of Candida, though I wouldn't call it a diagnosis, nor has it been presented to me as a diagnosis. It's just a preliminary indication, which probably is pretty reliable if you 'fail.' The problem, in total constrast to the acne web site's claim, is with some people who don't fail. To the best of my understanding, some people who do have Candida don't receive positive results from the spit test.

Looking deeper into the acne web site, I see that their dietary recommendations are very similar, if not identical, to the anti-Candida diet. They vehemently attempt to assert that acne and Candida are not related, yet they propose the exact same 'cure' for acne as Candida web sites suggest for 'curing' Candida.

The creators of this web site seem to have a militant agenda to make their readers believe acne and Candida are totally unrelated, which, for all I know, may be true. It doesn't add up, but it may be true. This is one reason why I advise you not to just believe everything you read, including the things I write. There is bogus and conflicting information on a lot of Candida-related web sites, but if you look and learn, it all starts to add up. You have to decide for yourself which information makes the most sense.

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