Thursday, February 10, 2011

This sucks!

I just want to say I'm having a bitch of a time lately. My head hurts most of the time and I'm frustrated. I usually only eat once a day because it takes so much work to prepare whatever version of chicken I choose to eat each day. When I do finally eat in the evening, it's not enjoyable. There's almost nothing you can eat anymore that won't kill you, just because of greed. Even the stuff that's supposed to be good for you is lethal.

I'm not going to elaborate about the new strategy I mentioned in the previous post because I'm not convinced that it is in any way helpful. It's already hard enough for you sift the good information from the bullshit, so I'm not going make it any more difficult.

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  1. Ryan, I've only just found your blog, and I hope you'll continue posting. I can completely relate to you.
    I just started (well, sort of... I screwed up a little bit) back on my anti-candida diet today after months of saying, "the heck with the diet... I don't feel TOO bad".
    I'm sitting here writhing. My skin is so itchy I feel like ripping it off. And of course, every one of my other symptoms is back.

    I'm sorry you're frustrated, and I wish I had some encouraging words for you. I mean, I could toss you a bunch of banal stuff, but you've heard it all before.
    I just wish you the very best. Hang in there.

  2. Slaughter, I'm feeling a lot better right now than I did when I wrote this post. With the way you say you're feeling, you shouldn't be wishing me luck; I should be wishing you luck. So good luck, eh.

    One thing that has made this recent battle tough for me is that my body is beat up in so many different ways, due to my walk across the country. What's really been killing me for the last four months is the uselessness of my legs. Thankfully, though, I'm pretty sure I figured out what's causing the immobility, and I think I'll be able to fix that problem pretty quickly just by stretching a couple particular muscles several times each day.

    Like the immobility, I suspect this bout with Candida is also a result of my long walk. Right now I think I just need to stick with the diet for a while, without giving in to the temptation to stray, even if I start feeling really good. The first time I did this, I felt amazingly better within a week, but I stuck to the diet pretty well for at least another month, and I had no further problems until after the walk, maybe 15 or 16 months later.

  3. Thanks, Ryan. I'm glad you're in a better state than you were.

    I've just started looking at your Aimless site, and I'm really impressed with your walk. My partner and I are hoping to temporarily abandon our overly bloated lifestyle and hit the Appalachian in about seven years or so. I'd like to find the meaning of life again. ;)
    It must have been difficult trying to stick to the diet while on the road.

    Yeah, it's pretty discouraging when your body seems to start betraying you. I've got pinched sciatica nerves, and like you, have got to commit to doing my stretches on a more regular basis. (you know... more than once a week)

    I'm on my second day. For breakfast, I made up a huge bowl of vegetables and shrimp, and I'm planning on having the rest for lunch.

    I'm encouraged, not only by your ability to stick to your commitments, but also by your slip-ups. We're only human.

    Thanks again. Here's to a good eating and stretching day for both of us.

  4. Aside from buying a couple heads of garlic, I didn't try to stick to the diet during the walk. That would have been pretty much impossible, even if I had money. By the time I started the walk, I mostly wasn't even worried about Candida because I had been feeling good for several months. However, I knew both the mental and physical stress from the walk could send me back into another Candida battle. So yeah, I did worry a little about the possibility of that happening.

    It never did happen during the walk. In fact, aside from the constant and intense pain (which is unavoidable when you carry a heavy backpack 15-20 miles every day), I felt great throughout the walk. Not until a couple weeks after I finished the walk did anything weird start happening. That's when my buttocks and legs started numbing, which led to my legs becoming useless. Shortly after that, I started noticing the return of what I now recognize as my signature Candida symptoms (feeling stupid, headaches, sinus issues, eye pain, jaw pain, digestive gurgling). But the symptoms weren't really bad this time, unlike my first battle, which had already been going on for months before I ever heard of Candida. Considering that, I figured it would be pretty easy to get it in check this time, so I didn't go balls to the wall with the diet.

    One thing I've wondered for a few months is if this latest bout has anything to do with my weight. When I finished the walk, I was gaunt; I was hungry. (When you finish a long walk like that, and you finally have the option to eat, you eat.) I gained about ten pounds pretty quickly. Since I still felt pretty good (and mostly Candida-free), I didn't make an effort to eat right. I probably ate a lot of candy bars, carbs and other bad Candida foods during the weight gain, and I just wonder if it made more of an impact due to the fact that I started out weighing so much less than usual, with much less body mass.

    In other words: If I had weighed 160, then quickly gained ten or more pounds by eating the same kinds of foods, would it have caused a comparable setback? That's what I've been thinking about discussing in my next post.

  5. I thought I said this in the previous comment, but I guess I didn't say it: I weighed 130 lbs when I finished the walk.

  6. I finally found a product that truly worked after 11 years, truly remarkable. I tried it all, diet, garlic,oregano, turmeric,Enzymes,Probiotics,three-lac, you name it. Believe me after all this time battling candida, I know what you are all going through. I actually started on a new product about 6 months ago. I did not order it for the candida, however blessings be to God it has kept it away for 6 months!! It didn't even flare up at Halloween (when I dipped into the kids candy, or should I say dove into it!) I wanted to share this blessing and pass it along. Whats nice too is the company has been around for 12 years and has a 60 day money back guarantee on the product. Hopefully you will find this website helpful.
    you may have to cut and paste link or re-type it.

  7. I thought at one point my candida was coming back..... ended up I had parasites. Not only that.. My liver and gallbladder are not working like they should be.

    I did a parasite cleanse for a month and seen a lot of worms. Next I did a 2 week liver/gallbladder cleanse and will be doing that again also.

    I will be doing another parasite cleanse in June, I know I didn't kill all those worms. I had 3 parasites that I know of. Roundworm, Liver Flukes and thread worms. Pretty gross!!

  8. Ryan Google molybdenum/candida and judge for yourself whether it can help you or not. I feel the candida mostly in my sinuses and the mucous membrane lining of my head and I know that's what it is after probably 50+ doctor visits since July 2009 -- my story is nightmarish and particularly long and my big problem is I can't stay away from pizza either and it's so worth it when I'm indulging but the repercussions are hellish. Anyway there is so much info to digest and I find that this is the one thing that has made a difference for me so far-- everyone is different and it may not work for you. Been taking 150 mcg 2x a day and the first three weeks felt like I had the flu and felt my head sinuses and ears crackle and pop like the candida was trying to get out of my head. I'm going to take it for 4 mths as suggested but I'm still going to eat my pizza every now and then. I will NEVER take another antibiotic or steroid again unless absolutely necessary. What's sad is people are sick for years and it took me this long to figure out what's wrong with me. Good Luck making the best decisions for you and wishing you good health. Anna

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