Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting un-carried away

In case there is anyone following this blog, I just want you to know I haven't quit the blog and I haven't quit the anti-Candida diet, nor do I intend to. It's just that my mind has been on other things lately and I don't think there's really been much to say.

I've lost 10 or 15 pounds in the last 2 or 3 weeks, due to a combination of reasons. (At 5-foot-10, I now weigh less than 140 lbs, so I really didn't need to lose any weight.) The first reason I've lost weight, I guess, is that I kind of got sick of spending so much time cooking and preparing anti-Candida meals, in addition to constantly reading new stuff about Candida. At some point I became fed up with structuring my whole life around fighting Candida, so I took a break from what had become something of an obsession. But instead of reverting back to my old eating habits any more than I already had, I just kinda stopped eating. I thought about trying a fast, but I wouldn't call this a fast because I have eaten something every day, I think.

To be clear, I never really reverted back to my old diet. I just slacked off a little bit for a couple weeks. For the most part, I've felt very good since a week after I started the diet (early June, I think). But I know I'm nowhere near finished with this fight, and I don't want to wipe out all the progress I've made.

However, I'll be hitting the road in less than two weeks to do another round of Aimless. I'll probably be on the road for several months, and I will usually be broke and kitchenless. Consequently, there is no way I'll be able to maintain a diet remotely resembling an anti-Candida diet unless I eat nothing but granny smith apples, which is probably what I'll try for a while.

The good thing is that I'll be getting way more than enough exercise. I'll average about ten miles walking per day (if not more), carrying at least 50 pounds of gear at all times. Some days I will walk around 30 miles and some days I'll hardly walk at all, but 10 to 15 miles is normal. I can tell you from experience that this can be pretty damn brutal, particularly in conjunction with all the other aspects of tramping (like basically being homeless). So hopefully it won't be too much exercise and will not push my body so hard that Candida starts taking over again.

Oh yeah, and I quit smoking about three weeks ago. I only smoked 4 or 5 cigarettes a day, which I really don't think caused me much harm, but I guess there just comes a time to stop giving your money to people who don't deserve it, so I quit.

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